EFM 2022

Paris-based sales company MPM Premium has posted a quartet of first deals on French-Japanese comedy Umami, starring Gérard Depardieu as a top chef on a culinary mission.

The film has sold to Germany and Austria (Neue Visionen), Israel (New Cinema), Dutch-speaking Benelux (J&J Films) and Spain (Vercine). France is currently under discussion.

Depardieu plays a renowned chef in search of the ultimate dish encapsulating the taste of umami, the so-called fifth taste after salty, sweet, sour and bitter. The challenge raises old demons over a failed bowl of noodles early on in his career.

The film reunites Depardieu with long-time acting partners Sandrine Bonnaire and Pierre Richard. Japanese cast members include pop star and actress Kyōko Koizumi, actress Eriko Takeda and veteran actors Kyôzô Nagatsuka and Akira Emoto.

It is the second feature of French director Slony Sow. Depardieu previously appeared in Sow’s short films Winter Frog and Crystal Frog, following the personal life ups and downs of a French winemaker.

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