Directed by Joris Lachaise



152 min


France Colombia




“Transfariana”: a hybrid title blending “trans” with “fariana,” the Spanish term for female FARC members. In a high-security prison south of Bogotá, the ma- rriage of a FARC leader to a former transgender sex worker first caused a scandal and then led to a shift in opinion. Thanks to this “rebellious wedding” between Jaison and Laura, an unprecedented dialogue is initiated between members of the guerrilla and members of transsexual associations in the tolerance zone of Bogota. Gradually, their stories intertwine, and their struggles converge and compose a moving historical fresco in a context of political transition



  • Berlin International Film Festival | PanoramaTeddy Award nominated
  • Festival International Jean Rouch | Grand Prix Nanook
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de Lima
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

About the Director

user image

Joris Lachaise

Joris Lachaise's approach to filmmaking is based on the transition between his studies in philosophy to cinema. In 2005, he worked with Jean-Pierre Krief on Chronicle of a Trial Foretold, a film about the trial of Saddam Hussein by the Iraqi Special Tribunal. In 2009, he co-directed with Thomas Roussillon Like a bird in a fishbowl, the chronicle of a common struggle of asylum, gypsies, and homeless people seekers in Angers. In 2011, he directed Convention: Black Wall / White Holes, a film about the 50th anniversary of Mali's independence that won the FIFAI prize and was selected for the États généraux du documentaire in Lussas, France. In 2014, his film, Ce qu'il reste de la folie, was made in a psychiatric hospital in Senegal and won the Grand Prix at the FID Marseille festival before being selected for numerous festivals around the world. The film was released in French theaters in June 2016.


Cast & Crew

Laura Katalina Zamora, Jaison Murillo, Daniela “Lulu“ Maldonado, Máximo Castellanos Peña, Yurani Muñoz Ríos
Joris Lachaise
Jérémy Gravayat, Joris Lachaise
Raphaèle Dumas, Guillermo Quintero, Line Peyron
Production Company:
Mujo Prod
Co-production Company:
Romeo, Fuego Cine

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