Raoni, an Unusual Friendship

Raoni, une Amitié Improbable

Directed by Jean-Pierre Dutilleux


Action/Adventure , Documentary , Family

90 min


Brazil Belgium France


French Portuguese


This film tells the story between the Kaiapó chief Raoni (93) and the Belgian filmmaker Jean-Pierre Dutilleux over the course of 50 years. This encounter has turned into a long and unlikely friendship between two people from profoundly different worlds. Through the lens of Jean Pierre, his 1973 film “Indians” and the 1976 film “Raoni,” nominated for an Oscar in the American version with the participation of Marlon Brando, made Raoni known internationally.



  • Festival do Rio |

About the Director

user image

Jean-Pierre Dutilleux

A native from Belgium, Jean-Pierre Dutilleux rose to international prominence with his extraordinary Academy Award nominated documentary "Raoni", an investigation of the complex issues surrounding the survival of the remaining indigenous Indians of the Amazon Rainforest and, indeed, of the Rainforest itself. Furthermore, Raoni has become the prime spokesman for all of Brazil's surviving Indians. These tribal journeys started during his college years. Indeed, Jean-Pierre Dutilleux has traveled throughout North and South America, awakening his passion and respect for the native Indians. At age 22, Jean-Pierre Dutilleux completed his first documentary and has since filmed and photographed more than 70 tribes worldwide. In one of his visits to the Amazon, Jean-Pierre Dutilleux was joined by noted rock musician Sting, who was able to experience firsthand the indigenous tribes of the fast disappearing jungle. Together they authored articles exposing the fate of the native Amazonian which, fortified by Jean-Pierre Dutilleux's powerful photos, propelled the rainforest issues into the global spotlight. Moreover, the pair created The Rainforest Foundation to support the Indians' fight for survival, launching an international campaign with a television spot starring Sting and produced and directed by Jean-Pierre Dutilleux. Accompanied by Chief Raoni, they embarked on an ambitious world tour and in only 60 days, established local Rainforest Foundations in twelve countries, raising awareness and funds to protect tropical rainforests.


Raoni (1976)

  • Festival de Cannes

Cast & Crew

Raoni Metuktire, Jean-Pierre Dutilleux
Alexandre Bouchet
Sound design & mix:
Damiao Lopes
Production Company:
Co-production Company:
JP Filmes, Yemaya, Globo Filmes, Canal Brasil

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