The Silent Party

La Fiesta Silenciosa

Directed by Diego FriedFederico Finkielstain


Drama , Thriller

87 min




Spanish Spanish


Few hours before her wedding, Laura sets out on an unusual party : a silent party. The day after, she seeks revenge to the odious crime that was perpetrated against her. But Laura's father and her future husband have other plans for her...

About the Director

user image

Diego FriedFederico Finkielstain

Diego Fried is a graduate of the Universidad del Cine and was selected for the Berlin Talent Campus his first short films won awards and recognition in Rotterdam, Toulouse, Havana and New York among other festivals. "La Fiesta Silenciosa" (Mar del Plata Festival) is his third feature film and was among the most expected Argentine films of 2020. It is preceded by "Vino" (Moscow Film Festival, Kerala Film Festival) and "Sangrita" (BAFICI, La Mostra de Sao Paulo).


Vino (2010)

  • International Film Festival of Kerala - Golden Crow Pheasant (Nomination)

Cast & Crew

Jazmin Stuart, Gerardo Romano, Esteban Bigliardi
Nicolas Gueilburt, Diego Fried, Luz Orlando Brennan
Manuel Rebella
Mariana Quiroga Bertone
Sound design & mix:
Martin Grignaschi
Pedro Onetto
Martin Aliaga, Roxana Ramos
Production Company:
Aramos Cine
Co-production Company:
Martin Aliaga , Manjericao Filmes

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