The Great Phuket

Xiao Ban Jie

Directed by Liu Yaonan


Children's , Drama

97 min


France Germany Belgium




Fourteen-year-old Li Xing lives in a district full of ruins and reconstruction. School brings him nothing but problems and his family is no help at all. One day, he finds an underground shelter where strange things happen...

Festival Selections

Berlinale Generation - 2024



  • Berlin International Film Festival | Generation
  • Red Lottus Asian Film Festival Vienna

About the Director

user image

Liu Yaonan

Born in Kunming in 1987, LIU Yaonan is a Chinese screenwriter, director and artist. He first graduated in Cinema from Beijing Normal University. He made his debut in the industry behind the scenes as a set photographer, making-of director and assistant to various directors on feature film shootings such as Cold War (Pawel Pawlikovski, 2018) or Seek McCartney (Wang Chao, 2015). In 2013, he entered the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Bourges in France to continue his studies in contemporary arts and cinema. After having graduated in France in 2016, he returned to Cina to his first feature film The Great Phuket. The screenplay was awarded the Special Jury Award of 2017 for Outstanding Young Director Film Project by the China Film Foundation Wu Tianming Youth Film Summit. In 2021, he returned to France for a one-year master course in graphic design and then back to China where he shot The Great Phuket with the help of his family and friends and the support of some French cinema technicians. In 2023, The Great Phuket was also granted the postproduction fund of Ile-de-France with the support of the French CNC. LIU Yaonan now lives and work in Kunming.


Incarnation (2021)

Imminent Death Experience (2013)

Two Days (2010)

Cast & Crew

Li Rongkun, Yang Xuan, Kang Hang, You Junfen, Liu Huiyun
Liu Yaonan
A Private View, Remora Productions

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