Something old, Something new, Something borrowed

Algo Viejo, Algo Nuevo, Algo Prestado

Directed by Hernán Rosselli


Crime , Drama

100 min






Set in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, the film zooms in on the Felpeto family running a clandestine gambling business for decades until police raids threaten their dynasty and a secret of their late father comes to light. Rosselli blends found footage with a mis-en-scene that oscillates between documentary and fiction to depict the heyday and downfall of a family.

Festival Selections

La Quinzaine des Cinéastes, 2024



  • Quinzaine des Cinéastes |
  • Ficunam Festival Internacional de Cine Unam |

About the Director

user image

Hernán Rosselli

Hernán Rosselli was born in 1979. In 2002, he joined ENERC (Buenos Aires), where he specialized as an editor. He is the founder and editor of Las Naves, a magazine dedicated to auteur cinema. In 2014, he directed “Mauro,“ in competition at the Rotterdam Film Festival - Bright Future, winner of the Fipresci Prize and Special Jury Prize in the BAFICI International Competition. In April 2018, his documentary film “Casa del Teatro“ was selected at BAFICI. He is now Professor of Documentary Film at FUC - Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires.


Mauro (2014)

  • IFFR Bright Future
  • Festival des 3 Continents

Casa del Teatro (2018)


Cast & Crew

Maribel Felpeto, Alejandra Cánepa, Juliana Simões Risso, Leandro Menendez, Javier Abril Rotger, Marcelo Barbosa, Hugo Felpeto
Hernán Rosselli
Joaquín Neira
Hernán Rosselli, Federico Rotstein, Jimena García Molt
Juan Segundo Alamos, Mariana Luconi, Hernán Rosselli, Alejandro Rath, Miguel Molina, Adán Aliaga
Production Company:
36 caballos, Un Resentimiento de provincia, Protón Cine, Zebra Cine, Arde Cine, Jaibo Films, Oublaum Filmes
Co-production Company:
Argentina, Portugal, Spain

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