For A Happy Life

Pour Vivre Heureux

Directed by Salima GlamineDimitri Linder



89 min




French Urdu French Urdu


Challenging the burden of family traditions, the young Amel and Mashir live a secret and passionate love story. An arranged marriage between him and Amel’s new best friend will put their relationship in danger. Tearing apart social conventions seems to be the only way to stay together

About the Director

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Salima GlamineDimitri Linder

After having successfully explored acting, especially under the direction of Thierry Salmon, Dimitri Linder became a stage manager for Benoît Mariage, Costa Gavras and Catherine Corsini. Very quickly, he collaborated with directors such as Bouli Lanners, Merzak Allouache and Julia Ducournau as an assistant director. In 2012, he directed “After 3 minutes”, his first short film. It is at the Florent courses and at the ESCA that Salima Sarah Glamine is formed. She then played in the theater under the direction of Stéphane Olivié Bisson and Véronique Widock for example and in feature films and television series such as "PJ", "Tata Bakhta" by Merzak Allouache or "Le Chien de Guerre" by Fabrice Cazeneuve. In 2012, she co-wrote "After 3 Minutes" with Dimitri Linder. She collaborated to Julia Ducournau's "Grave" as a casting director and Nicolas Boucart's "Icare" as an actors' coach. It is with this experience of the movie set and the acting technique that the two filmmakers approached a shooting built around an intense work with the actors to get as close as possible to the emotions to transmit.


Cast & Crew

Sofia Lesaffre, Christopher Zeerak, Atiya Rashid, Arsha Iqbal, Pascal Elbé, Javed Khan, Deepak Gianchandani, Lubna Farooq, Aurélie Meriel, Naheed Mirza, Waqas Ishaq, Salomé Dewaels, Samira Syed, Étienne Halsdorf
Salima Glamine, Dimitri Linder
Joachim Philippe
Mathieu Toulemonde
Sound design & mix:
François Aubinet
Claude Kongs
Valérie Bournonville, Joseph Rouschop
Production Company:
Co-production Company:

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