Bright Women


Directed by Sylvie Gautier



90 min






Karine, a housekeeper of 34, is the full-time mother of 17 year-old Ziggy. When the company that employs her is taken over and the personal goes on strike, she is asked to lead the movement of the unionized workers. Torn between being true to herself, or lie to protect herself and her family, Karine faces a moral dilemma.



  • La Ciotat Berceau du cinéma |
  • Female Filmmaker Festival Berlin |


  • Caravana de Cine realizado por mujeres |
  • Atlàntida Film Festival |
  • Film by the Sea Festival |
  • Mostra Internacional de Cinema em São Paulo |
  • Festival du Cinéma au Féminin
  • Entre Cineastas

About the Director

user image

Sylvie Gautier

With a literary background (hypokhâgne), Sylvie Gautier has been working in the audiovisual field since 1988, producing documentaries, first at Gédéon Programmes and then at Camera Lucinda. At the same time, she has developed several feature film projects. She moved on to directing with two short films "Il n'est pas nécessaire de le dire aux enfants" in 2018 and "Sotte" in 2019. Brillantes is her first feature film. The film was shot mainly in the Pays de Martigues, but also in Marseille, in the former cocoa factory of Saint-Menet.


Cast & Crew

Celine Sallette, Eye Haïdara, Thomas Giorgia, Camille Lellouche, Souad Amidou, Julie Ferrier, Bruno Salomone

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