Directed by Firas Khoury


Action/Adventure , Drama

104 min


France Tunisia Palestine




Tamer is a Palestinian teenager living in Israel. He and his friends lead a typical high school student’s life until the arrival of the beautiful Maysaa’. To seduce her, Tamer agrees to take part in a mysterious flag operation on the eve of Israel’s Independence Day which is a mourning day for Palestinians.

Festival Selections

Toronto International Film Festival



  • Toronto International Film Festival | Contemporary World Cinema

About the Director

user image

Firas Khoury

Firas Khoury (b. 1982) is a Palestinian scriptwriter and director. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema. Among his short films are the award-winning Seven Days in Deir Bulus (2007) and Yellow Mums (2010). They were shown in festivals around the world, and also broadcast on TV channels, including ARTE. Alongside his directorial activity, Khoury is committed to disseminating Palestinian films and training young people. Khoury is a founding member of Group Falastinema, which develops film workshops and presents screenings throughout Palestine. His feature-length film The Flag received production grants of the CNC in France, the Doha Film Institute and the The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), and is due to be filmed in 2018. Firas is now also finalizing a feature film script which was written together with Hany Abu-Assad.


Maradona's Legs (2019)

Cast & Crew

Mahmoud Bakri, Sereen Khass, Saleh Bakri, Mohammad Karaki
Claire Gadéa, Marie-Pierre Macia
Production Company:
Lacydon Bay Productions, MPM Film, Metafora Productions, Paprika Films, Philistine Films

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