Ali Kalthami

Saudi Arabia

Ali Kalthami is the creative director and co-founder of Telfaz11, a company that rose to prominence creating and producing humorous YouTube clips. Working in-house and with partners, Telfaz11 shed light on Saudi artistic and creative talents. Their output encourages viewers to rethink and question important subjects through comedy and drama. Kalthami has an exceptional ability to capture ideas from popular culture, then reformatting these thoughts into entertaining sketches, to arrive at a cutting commentary. Filmography: Sadeya Sabt Sultan – Short Film (2017) Becoming Omnibus Feature, Gathering with the Cosmos (2020)

Destination-img #1 AT THE BOX OFFICE

Night Courier

2023 Black comedy, Drama, Thriller 111 min

Saudi Arabia

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La Yekthar Show (2020)

Wasati (2016)

Mandoob (2023)