María Gisèle Royo & Julia de Castro


Filmmakers Royo and De Castro founded a a feminine, non-exclusive project that understands the need for a structural change considered from a collaborative experience. They approach this challenge through a tribute to the Spanish cult film, Corridas de Alegría (1982). As its director, Gonzalo García Pelayo, expressed, a road movie about “friendship and love failure.” They review these two themes forty years later, immersed in the era of dating apps, eternal youth, and economic insecurity. The context is conformed by a vital period both of us shared: the last years of fertility in a historic moment for the self-sufficient woman. María Gisèle Royo’s Filmography ON THE GO, feature film, 2023 LA INVISIBLE, documentary short film, 2021 NISE, UN VIAJE EN LA NAO D’AMORES, documentary short film, 2021 EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, documentary short film, 2022 EDUCATION WITHOUT BORDERS, documentary short film, 2019 María Gisèle Royo’s Biography She has been awarded an Student Academy Award, an Emmy College Student Award and the Premio Fundación Buesa y Extremadocs. María has participated in several international film festivals like Seville European Film Festival, CamerImage, One World Romania and Huesca Film Festival. Julia de Castro’s Filmography ON THE GO, feature film, 2023 Julia de Castro’s Biography Founder of DE LA PURÍSSIMA, a stage project that toured the world for a decade until its theatrical death directed by Julia herself with 70 musicians and for which she was nominated as best actress for the prestigious Valle Inclán Awards. She has released two albums and written a book on prostitution, La Retorica Delle Puttane, published by the editorial La Fábrica. Since September 2021 she collaborates on Radio 3 with her own section inside the program "Que parezca un accidente" where she talks about classic cars and cinema.


On The Go

2023 Action/Adventure 72 min


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